Welcome to the Yo! Philly Education Blog. Founded in December 2015,  the information shared through this blog is authentic, and the stories are from those you would not ordinarily hear from in Philadelphia’s daily or quarterly newspapers.

Yo! Philly will provide you with an inside look at the struggles, trials, and triumphs that everyday people face in striving to obtain a high quality education for their children.  Yo! Philly will open your eyes to the resiliency of some of Philadelphia’s most vulnerable families.  Yo! Philly will help you understand the feelings of hopelessness in some and the unbridled fearlessness in others.  Yo! Philly will start the dialog that gets families advocating for a better education in the neighborhoods where they live and holding adults (including themselves) accountable for delivering an education that is relevant and meaningful for their children.  Yo! Philly will keep you abreast of what is happening in Philadelphia’s education world, as well as connect you to what is happening at the state and national levels.  

If you enjoy what you read, tell others.  You know how we do, “Yo, Philly…check out Yo! Philly.”


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